5:30 pm17:30

End of the Year All School Celebration

Jon us for an all school "Cookout and Potluck" to celebrate the completion of another wonderful school year. We'll set up our charcoal grills and enjoy a fun evening outdoors on our beautiful campus. 

6:00 pm18:00

Celebration Auction

This is our biggest fundraising event of our school year and it is really fun too! Mark your calendar for the last Saturday in February and plan on attending this adult evening of fun raffles and amazing auction items as parents and staff join together to support the school we all love!

9:00 am09:00

Earth Day Celebration

This school day all student morning event celebrates our amazing planet. Each year the students help to decide what we will do and how we can practice being good stewards of the Earth.

4:30 pm16:30

All School Science Expo and Parent/Child Open House

This event in March allows  parents and children to come to school together to work in the classrooms. The children love to show their families the meaningful Montessori works they do at school every day. The Elementary Science Fair is also in progress on this day. All students and parents are invited to visit and listen to the student presentations about the independent research and experiments they conducted.

Mar 3

National Montessori Education Week

Montessori Academy celebrates National Montessori Education Week with special fun themed dress up days. Specific will be sent out in parent folders.

6:00 pm18:00

All Parent Gathering: Montessori Kindergarten and Elementary

All parents are invited to this fun and informative session with the staff of Montessori Academy as they discuss and demonstrate Montessori education for Kindergarten and Elementary. Learn how our  hands-on curriculum is structured and see what makes Montessori an excellent choice for K-8 education.

Jan 20

Move Up Week

This week provides the Kindergarten and Third Level Lower Elementary students with the opportunity to visit the classroom they will be "moving up" to in the upcoming school year. Kindergarten students will each spend one morning in the Lower Elementary classroom and the Third Level students will spend one full day in the Upper-Middle classroom.