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Junior High Age 12 to 14

Junior High at Montessori Academy is a transitional program, drawing upon all of the strengths of Montessori education while preparing students for the more traditional educational settings they will encounter after they graduate from Montessori. Graduates leave well-prepared for High School and are able to adapt very well to their new environment.

While students are guided through this transition period, instruction is intertwined with real world application of their skills.  A strong emphasis is placed on learning activities that take place outside of the classroom setting.   The students begin to see the true reward for developing an inquisitive nature as they call upon different disciplines to cross-functionally solve problems.

The principal subject areas incorporated at this level are:

Problem Based Learning: Learning is based on the experience of focusing on, investigating, solving and reporting about a real world problem.  Students find themselves desiring to acquire many new skills in a wide variety of categories in the name of solving the problem.  They cooperate to present the results after an extended study.

Practical Management:  Montessori adolescent education includes setting up an actual business to learn about the various aspects of working in an organized company.

Language Arts: A well-rounded approach to language arts in the Junior High classroom includes presentation skills and research based projects in addition to literary and technical language arts.  Students gather information, write papers and share their findings with the class.

Mathematics: The students use calculations, thinking skills and math concepts to solve problems, both as a part of individual math study and as part of other practical projects.

History: The focus of history studies turns directly to  U.S. History at the Junior High level.  Specific time periods are broken down into key events which are researched and presented by the students.

Science:  The class focuses on life science and physical science, and they alternate the focus of the curriculum each year.  

Health:  Health studies are important for students at the age when they begin to make health decisions for themselves.  Our state certified Health Instructor works with the classroom teacher to cover all of the State Core Curriculum for Health studies, with an emphasis on learning how to make informed decisions about important issues they will be facing as they become adults.