Foreign Language

Understanding that children are a part of a diverse, global world is an important part of the Montessori philosophy. 

Strong language aptitude and cultural awareness are becoming an increasingly important part of being successful.

At Montessori Academy students have the option of participating in foreign language study during our after-hours program.

Spanish Information Provided by Our Instructors


Our Spanish class introduces the Spanish language to beginning students from K-5th Grade.

During the 45 -60 minute class and throughout the session, students will learn numbers, the alphabet, parts of speech, expressions, days and months, colors, food, animals, clothes, parts of the body, as well as family and community words in Spanish. This is an opportunity for 6-15 students to have fun learning a very useful language.

Minimum enrollment must be met.

Games, Activities and Songs

After the instruction period, the children will participate in games, activities and songs based on the lessons. These activities help students recall the meanings and pronunciations of words and phrases while having fun speaking Spanish. These activities are useful tools to help reinforce what the students have learned. Some examples of songs are:

  • Community Song
  • Diez Amigos
  • Family Song
  • Los Dias De La Semana
  • Colors Song


Each student will get the opportunity to earn points and Spanish-related prizes based on answering questions correctly from the lessons. The point system encourages students to participate and pronounce words correctly. 

The Last Day

The last day of class, the students will play their favorite games and activities along with a Pizza Fiesta. The pizza will be ordered from a local vendor and delivered to the school . All students will receive an individual medal based on their participation during the session. 

Benefits to the Student

  • Improves the child’s reading skills, English comprehension and math standardized test 
  • Provides the ability to communicate in more than one language.
  • Develops creativity and problem solving skills.
  • Develops an appreciation for other cultures.



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