March and April 2013 Curriculum Notes

Cas Sierociuk, Teacher

What we did last month:

I hope everyone had a fabulous/restful spring break! Everyone deserved it, as the children have been working very hard, especially in Math. We have moved our math block to the afternoon, and have found that it is a wonderful time to focus on difficult concepts. The older students have been working on large multiplication problems with our checkerboard. This is a great work that really illustrates how Montessori breaks down a difficult concept in a concrete and easy to understand way. All the children are advancing in their understanding of math concepts. Montessori is known for math materials, and I love seeing understanding dawn on the children as they focus on their work! 

The children have also been working very hard on their Science and Geography work in the morning. This is a wonderful part of the day, and with the cold weather keeping us in more than usual, the children have been expanding the morning work period by choice. I love working with them and using the time to let them take the work where they want it to go. I sometimes forget the ages of the children I am working with, they are all capable of in-depth work, and I love being able to help them get there!We are pleased to welcome a new student to our classroom. Shane is a first grade boy, who is fitting right in to our classroom. Welcome! We had a fun Easter egg hunt on the last Friday, I was so happy to be able to get out into our woods. Spring is coming, slowly but surely! 

What we’ll be doing next month:

We will be starting a botany unit which will entail the study of spring flowers, and we will tie that in with a study of spring/summer birds. In reading, we are going to be focusing on fairy tales, which will tie right in with our upcoming drama. 

What you can do to support your child’s learning: 

As always, remember to practice reading and flash cards with your child if they bring them and/or a book home. 

I would like to thank you all for wonderful conferences. I really enjoy connecting with you personally, and strengthening our partnership with the education of your children.