Lower Elementary Age 6 to 9


Children ages six through nine at Montessori Academy are inspired to apply imagination, reasoning and artistic ability to academic pursuits in our Lower Elementary program.  Focused instruction of rich content ignites the enthusiasm of the student at exactly the right time to inspire a life-long love of learning.

Lower Elementary Montessori teachers have a deep understanding of how children build enthusiasm for academics and the strategic structure of the classroom aligns each student for success, academically and developmentally.

Lower Elementary students have the opportunity to participate in dramatic productions on the school’s stage, as well as daily Physical Education from our certified PE teacher. The classroom work is divided up into five areas:

Astronomy and Geology:  Children are introduced to the wonder of the universe by exploring a timeline of the history of our earth.  The curriculum moves from understanding the solar system and constellations to examining the construction of the earth’s crust and prehistoric life.

Botany and Zoology: Many concrete in-classroom works from a wide variety of species on earth are studied in addition to frequent outdoor exploration missions and samples from the riverfront campus.  The naturally rich environment at Montessori Academy yields many learning opportunities.

Reading, Handwriting and Language Arts:  Guided and independent lessons in phonics, word building, printing, cursive, parts of speech and sentence construction make up some of the academic curriculum as well as daily time reading the classroom’s extensive library of books.

Mathematics: Students learn math concepts such as Geometry, Telling Time, Fractions, Measurement and Money while memorizing basic math facts.  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division are placed into concrete context by using strategically designed Montessori works.


Social Studies:  The study of local and global cultures happens through group activities with creative connections to current events and geographical maps.  Each child develops a collection of their own cartography throughout the year.

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