Primary Age 3 to 6


The Primary Age 3 to 6 year old classroom at Montessori Academy is designed to connect children with a wide variety of experiences.  Each of these opportunities fosters critical thinking, confidence, understanding and love of learning.  Special efforts are made by the teachers each day to integrate the school experience with life outside school including the changing seasons, the natural environment of the campus and current events.

In addition to daily Physical Education, Primary students work each week on these six areas:

Practical Life:  Independent practical works help foster a sense of order and an understanding of a child’s role in the classroom community.  Each work helps develop the motor skills necessary to move forward in many other subjects.

Sensorial:  Works that focus on colors, shapes and patterns help the child to acquire clear, conscious, information and to be able to then make classifications. Through the senses, the child begins to understand the environment. To Montessori, a child is a “sensorial explorer.

Mathematics:  Montessori works in mathematics tangibly illustrate math concepts to bridge the gap between what children can hold in their hands and the abstract world of numbers.

Language:  Oral language, pre-reading, reading readiness, and pre-writing works help prepare children in becoming successful readers and writers.

Science:  Detailed Montessori science works allow children to build on and label elements that are tied to their natural interests. Also, science specimens are continually brought into the classroom from our riverfront campus.


Cultural Studies:  Children discuss many of the cultural events of the year from across a wide variety of cultures, including groups of fun integrated activities, snacks and maps.

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Color Box 3: Gradation from Darkest to Lightest

Color Box 3: Gradation from Darkest to Lightest

Geometric Solids

Geometric Solids

Word Building