March and April 2013 Curriculum News

Joey Snyder, Lead Teacher Jill Webster, Lead Teacher OnDreia Oswald, Lead Teacher

During the Month of March

Thank you to those of you that attended our Open House. The children really enjoyed sharing their works and progress in the classroom. It was great to see their enthusiasm. Please remember that you are always welcome to observe your child in the classroom. 

The children enjoyed celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. We made Irish soda bread and shamrock shakes. 

The Kindergartners have been working very hard on their United States unit. They have finished the Midwestern states and learned about our state history and landmarks, pioneers of our state, major cities, rivers, and the Great Lakes. We have begun learning about the Northeastern region and the different landmarks and major cities. After spring break they will begin preparing for their drama, which is May 9th

During the Upcoming Month

During April we will be focusing on life cycles and enjoying more nature walks.

On Thursday, April 18th we will be having an all school field trip to Nelson Marsh. We are encouraging all parents or grandparents to attend. It will be a fun filled day of hiking, exploring, and picnicking. We will be sending home more information very soon.What Parents Can Do Right Now

1. Continue reading to your child every night.

2. Play sound games and counting games

3. When in the care have conversations with your child about the outside environment. Make them aware of their surroundings.