Re-Enrollment for current students only will be between January 23rd and February 10th.  As of February 10th we will move to Open Enrollment which will allow anyone outside the school to enroll for open spots that remain after our re-enrollment period.  

We are carefully managing both classroom capacity and our teacher student ratio, so please re-enroll your student during the re-enrollment period.  

2017-2018 Monthly Tuition (Sept-May) is as follows:  
Primary 3 Half Days: $529--4 Half Days: $607--5 Half Days: $678  
Primary 3 School Days: $963--4 School Days: $1087--5 School Days: $1199
Primary Extended Day (School Day + $69 for Before / Aftercare): $1268

Elementary School Day: $1199
Elementary Extended Day (School Day + $69 for Before / Aftercare): $1268

Re-Enrollment 2017-2018

Entire Form Must Be Submitted for Each Student Enrolling at Montessori Academy

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Enrolling Parent Name
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Enrolling Parent Phone Number
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Student Name
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Please state the specific times your Extended Day student will regularly be dropped off and picked up.
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Designate Days of the Week for Primary Part Time / Half Day Students
Please list any address / phone number changes or other concerns you may have for Re-Enrollment.
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