Student Placement

An important part of the enrollment process at Montessori Academy is taking time for your child to experience the Montessori classroom. 

The immediate enjoyment that new children experience when visiting the Montessori classroom for the first time is a great testimonial to the Montessori approach and to our school.

Our teachers work with prospective students to understand their needs and help determine how they fit into the Montessori view of planes of development.  One benefit of a Montessori education is that age is only a limited indicator of the optimal placement for your child.

Prior to acceptance, the classroom teacher will observe and evaluate a prospective student to determine what placement will best benefit the child. We are committed to always providing a developmentally appropriate environment for each student, and will carefully assess each child’s readiness. During this initial evaluation, which typically lasts for one to two hours, the parent is welcome to relax off or on campus while the teacher is with the child in the classroom. Elementary students who have not previously attended a Montessori program may be invited for more than one visit prior to offering enrollment. 

Your child’s visit will be discussed as part of your initial campus tour.