Tuition Procedures

Tuition Policy 

Tuition is due on or before the first of each month; October- May (after payment of September tuition
at enrollment). It is important that tuition be paid on time in order to maintain our high quality of
education for your child and to continue the efficient operation of Montessori Academy. In accordance
with our green initiative, we do not issue monthly reminder billings. It is the parent’s responsibility to
pay tuition on time. 

Payment Options and Late Payment

A late charge of $30 will be added your account for any payment made after the 5th of the month. 
Additionally, a charge of $20 will be added to any check returned for insufficient funds. 
In order to avoid late fees, we suggest you make your payment via our automatic debit system. This
system will automatically debit your monthly tuition payment from your checking account on the 1st of
the month. Other monthly or annual fees may also be debited. For your convenience, we also offer the
option of split tuition payment on the 1st and 15th of the month. A service charge of $20 per month will
be added to the payment on the 15th if this option is chosen. 

We accept checks, automatic debit, checks from banking institutions issued through online bill pay, and checks mailed to us via credit card companies.  We do not charge credit cards directly for tuition.  

No reduction in tuition will be made for illness, personal absence or vacations.