Montessori Academy grows best as a school community via word of mouth!

There are many ways to grow our school community:

  • Carry our business card sized referral cards in your wallet to give to people you think might be interested.  Add your name to the back of the cards.

    • Turned in referral cards start the process of giving you a $500 referral reward for a family who refers a new student who becomes a part of the Montessori Academy academic school year community.

    • You’ll start with 10 cards.  More are available from Ms. Stacie.

  • Place several of our referral cards at public places like your church, organization meeting or gym.
  • Post our Montessori Academy message card.  Take a few of our half page sized message cards from Ms. Stacie’s office and post them on community boards in your local community.
  • Review us on school review websites.  Visit the “School Review Websites” link on our parent portal on our website to learn more about reviewing us online. 

Referral Program

A $500 credit will be applied to your school account for any newly enrolled referral student who becomes part of the Montessori Academy academic school year community for a full school year.

The new student must identify you as the referring family at enrollment. Returning or alumni families are not considered new students.

The credit will be issued 60 calendar days after the student's first day of school.

The referral policy does not include summer camp.