Waste-Free Lunches 

Lunches that are packed with single-use plastic bags, aluminum foil, wax paper, cling wrap, paper napkins, juice boxes or any other single-serving items that come in their own disposable package generate 67 pounds of garbage per child per year.

For a school of our size, that creates an extra 6,000 pounds of garbage to be hauled away every year! As a Green Certified school we strongly encourage the use of reusable lunch containers, a washable thermos, refillable water bottles and cloth napkins in order to create waste-free lunches at school. In addition to it benefiting the environment, it allows us to direct more dollars toward instruction and less toward garbage collection.

  • All children bring a lunch from home packed in an insulated lunch box or bag with a freezer pack as needed.
  • All hot foods should be sent already heated in a thermos.
  • Purified water is always available.
  • Each child is encouraged to eat only as much as his/her hunger requires, and is free to eat the food in any order they choose.
  • When a child is through eating, all uneaten food is returned to the lunch bag.
  • Cores, pits, and peels are put in the compost bucket.
  • All leftover food is returned home so that you and your child can determine the appropriate amount for the following day and to discuss food selection.
  • A healthy lunch should include a protein, a whole grain, a fruit, a vegetable and a drink (milk, water or 100% fruit or vegetable juice).
  • Please be mindful of the appropriate quantities of each item packed for your child.


Waste-Free Lunch Resources

Montessori Academy has partnered with Mighty Nest, a local company that sells reusable lunch gear and a wide variety of other healthy living products. The school will receive 15% of all purchases made through their website in the link above. 

If you need healthy lunch ideas the website, 100 Days of Real Food, is an excellent resource.